Friends of the Estonian Native Horse founded the Estonian Native Horse Conservation Society on 18.08.2000.

Society unites and co-ordinates people working for our horse, especially those involved in agriculture, environment protection and cultural areas, but also all the other Estonians who consider the future of the Estonian Native Horse important. Through the preservation of the Estonian national horse, the society also supports Estonian traditional rural culture and the conservation of village life.

Main activities:
• conference at least once a year to discuss and present the possibilities of Estonian Native Horse
• making of newsletter “Oma Hobu” (Our horse) 6 times a year
• making of books – collecting of historical and practical materials of the breed and of the horse as it is
• exhibitions all over Estonia
• participation in Estonian Native Horse Days, every august
• initiating of creating the preservation areas for the Estonian Native Horse
• education of horse breeders and horse lovers on series of seminars, at least every november
• making of bulletins, calendars, postcards etc
Number of members is around 80.

Estonian Native Horse Conservation Society
Tel +372 5056 691, e-mail:

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